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Christmas came early!

As you may see later this week when I post my Christmas list for my wife, things are going to be fairly 'functional' for us this year.  When you are going functional, it doesn't make sense to put that functional item away and ignore it until the 25th. 

Case is point would be the new chest freezer we went and bought yesterday at Home Depot.

It's not huge...in fact, at 7 cubic feet, it was the 2nd smallest chest freezer Home Depot had.  That said it meets our current needs, being big enough that I can go get my deer meet out of my bosses freezer, and still fit a few turkeys and hams in there while they are priced 'Holiday Cheap'. 

The price was right too.  With Black Friday pricing and a Home Depot gift card that had been floating around the house for who knows how long, it was going to be available for under $150 out the door.  By far, it was the best square footage/dollar value they had in stock, and like my wife and I decided, if we wanted a new one anytime in the next 6 months(and we did!) then this was the time to get it.

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