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Quick Range Trip

One of the nice things about being a member at the local range, vs. Paying for each visit, is that I don't feel the need to 'get my money's worth' each time I go.  Back when I used to only go shooting every few months, and pay each time I went, it was always a marathon session...bringing 7 or 8 guns, and hundreds upon hundreds of rounds of ammo.  Now, I can get away with less intensive trips to the range, so when my older daughter asked me earlier in the week if we could go shooting this weekend, there was little doubt I would an opportunity to fit in a trip.

Were weren't at the range long...it's only her 3rd(maybe 4th) time shooting, and she is still very much learning.  She put about 20-25 rounds through our Walther P22, the same amount through the 10-22, and about 6 rounds of .38 through my Marlin 1894.  What I liked is that she remembered things about the P22 from our last trip, and she remembered the rules.  What she liked was the red dot scope on our 10-22.  Very user friendly. 

There are still bad habits and things that make me(and the RO) flinch.  She likes to turn the gun sideways to look at it when it's empty.  It's also tough convincing her that only one finger goes in the trigger guard.

It was a nice trip.  We were the only ones on the range for a while, so we go to go downrange and inspect the target every few shots, and she didn't have to put up with the noise of other shooters.  The temperature was a bit chilly...high of right around 40, which is another reason the visit didn't last long...but it was enough time.  She even offered to help load the magazines...and I was able to convince her to help pick up the brass since she was closer to the ground then me.

Had a twinge of jealousy near the end of the trip.  I had loaded up a banana mag for the 10-22, and since my daughter didn't want to burn through it, I did.  Hitting a target with a red dot at 10 yards wasn't much of a challenge, but I was able to keep everything in a circle the size of a half-dollar.  When I finished up, I heard one of the RO talking to the other one, expressing surprise that his fellow RO didn't own a 10-22. 

The conversation turned to the utility of the gun and cartridge, and let to the RO talking about the virtues of the .22 magnum, and how much he liked his new pistol.  I then said how I was highly intriqued by the Kel-Tec PMR 30...but just couldn't find one anywhere.  With a tinkle in his eye, the RO reached into his bag, and said 'Here...try this one on for size'. 

Somehow, while I have been on two local wait lists to get my hands on a PMR-30, this gentleman had gone to a gun show in Spokane 2 weeks ago, and found a guy with two PMR-30's on his table.  Both of them were sold less than 20 minutes after the gun show opened. 

After holding one in my hand today...my yearning is much greater than it was yesterday.  It is SOOOOOO light, and points naturally.  The guy had already burned through all his .22 Mag he had with him, so I didn't get to shoot it...but it felt nice.  The only negative I had is that the slide release was stiff, but that might get a little looser with time. 

The RO then made me sad, because he couldn't find the business card of the gentleman who sold him the gun.  I would drive to spokane in a heartbeat to get my hands on one of those PMR-30's. 

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