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On the bright side...

With today being election day, we shouldn't be subjected to many more political commercials, which will be nice...haven't seen nearly enough femanine hygiene product commercials lately.

I don't think we are done with hearing about politics.  I'm on the
west coast, and I STILL don't think we will know who the next president is when I go to bed tonight.  I fully expect to wake up Wednesday and find out that at least two states are too close to call.

Meanwhile, it's liberating knowing my guy isn't going to win.  While some folks would think me foolish, I cast my vote for Gary Johnson.  First off, it makes me feel good...I voted for the person(other than myself and Condoleza Rice) that I would most like to see as president.  Second, I have that luxery.  The contest for Washingtons Electoral College votes is decided by Seattle.

With either probable result for president depressing me(the difference between a fast bleed and a slightly less fast bleed), I'm much more interested in our state races.  Latest polls show that the race for Governor is going to be TIGHT, so in that case, I had no problem voting Republican. I'm idealisitc, NOT hopelessley romantic.  I expect same sex marriage will stay okay in Washington, and I suspect the initiative to legalize marijuana will succeed.

Either way, Wal-mart will still be open to start stocking up Thursday.

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