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If this is true...

So, I saw the following headline on yahoo earlier today, and IF the 10 year old kids story is true, there are some questions that need answering.

New Mexico police officer Christopher Webb shoots boy, 10, with a 50,000 volt Taser gun at school career day

What questions?  Well, first, if this happened in May, why didn't it make the papers back in May?  Second, once again, assuming that the kids story is true, and the officer pointed his taser at the kid, and shot him with the taser, either on accident OR on purpose...why didn't he do jail time?

I know that a taser is considered a 'non-lethal' weapon, but people die from them ALL the time.  A 10-year old getting hit in the chest with one should be a big deal, whether or not it was intentional. 

My wife(with the increasing distrust of someone who is happy with the way our homeschooling is going) isn't surprised that this didn't make it in the papers when it first happened.  She thinks that public schools with their rules to 'protect students'(and the staff) are one of the last places in our society that you CAN cover up things like this.

All I know is that my older daughter is 10 years old.  If she gets shot in the chest with a taser, you can bet I'm shouting it from the roof tops.

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