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Zero Tolerance Strikes Again!

A 14-year old Freshman at North Kitsap High School had the time his life Thursday, after being expelled from school AND arrested for posing a dangerous weapon on school grounds.

The Dangerous Weapon in this case?  An Airsoft Pistol

Two issues here, with two seperate sources of disipline. 

If it was school policy, and it was expressed to the children and their parents at the beggining of the year that bringing a replica firearm onto campus was an offence that would get them expelled...then, while I'm not 100% happy with that, the kid got what he deserved.  While we might not always agree with the rules, one breaks them at their own risk.  When I speed in my car, or drive home from the bar after even just ONE beer...I know I am breaking the law, and if I am caught, I have no one to blame but myself. 

Similar thing here with this kid getting expelled.  Over the top, but he assumed the risk.

Now...totally not okay with him being arrested and charged with Possessing a Dangerous Weapon on School Grounds.  I realize that in this case, the police officers are just following the law.  RCW 9.41.280 is very clear in what qualifies as a Dangerous Weapon on School Grounds, and it ropes the police into a course of action.  This is something that is entirely up to the law-makers to fix.

My opinion is that these airsoft pistols are only dangerous to the people that are carrying them.  If a police officer happens to shoot someone whose decided to arm themselves with an airsoft...sounds like natural selection to me.  The only one I feel bad for in that scenario is the police officer who might find himself feeling guilty about killing someone who didn't have a real gun on them...

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