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Much Ado about Nothing.

This picture was making the rounds on the internet today, and much rage was being expressed in the accompanying story:

Air Force Times Picture
Ummmm...I really don't get it.  I mean...it's a group of bored Air Force NCO's and Airmen posing with one of their buddies in a coffin.  Once the picture was taken, someone then wrote 'Suck to be U' on it. 

Okay then...doesn't look like any intentional attempt to 'Add grief to the families of our fallen soldiers'.  Heck...this picture could have been taken because the guy in the casket is getting married.  It's a non-issue in my book...a little bit of gallows harbor that is being very blown out of proportion.  If they were posing with an actual dead body...then we could be outraged.

And outraged we should be about the story alluded to in the last paragraph of the main story...the inappropriate disposal of the partial remains of more than 274 service members upon their return to the states in Dover, Del.  Reading the full story here, things are slightly less heinous than I had originally thought...it wasn't like they just dumped remains in the landfill, but if family members had already recieved the 'primary' remains, they could elect to not recieve any additional remains...I guess if you didn't want to be reminded anew of your lost loved one.

I guess that makes sence...what doesn't make sence is that the unwanted 'extra' remains were cremated, and dumped in a land-fill.  Luckily, Air Force brass found out what was going on, and directed the 'unclaimed' remains now be buried at sea. 

Small comfort to the families who had loved ones come back prior to 2008.

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