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Oh, just legalize it already...

State officials here in Washington are considering the petition of a man who is looking to get the state to extend it's medical cannabis allowance to folks with ADD and OCD.

Yup...we have gone from medical marijuana being for the terminally ill and permanently debilitated, to considering it for folks with Attention Deficit Disorders, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

State considers adding ADD to medical pot list

For now, the state hasn't approved anything...it's still just listening to the guys case.  Three other petitions to have depression and other mental illnesses added to the 'Legal Pot Use' list have failed...but the fact that they are listening to them at all makes me kind of giggle.

I am not against extending the legality of pot.  In fact, I just signed a petition for a ballot measure in the next general election to have marijuana fully legalized in Washington State.  If we are going to legalize...just legalize it. 

Expanding a legal exemption to folks with ADD or OCD and placing those 'disorders' on the same level as terminal illnesses like cancer and MS would be insulting, if I didn't recognize the progressive, 'one-step-at-a-time' effort to expand the legality of pot.

It feels kind of the same as what happend to first curtail, and now re-expand gun rights...one little step at a time. 

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