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Well, at least he's getting headlines now...

I like Ron Paul.  I think electing him President is the best chance we have of saving the United States, as we know it.  I have volunteered to help his campaign here in Washington, and if he is a still a viable candidate in March, I intend to go caucus for him.

On the other side, I don't think Ron Paul is perfect, and I don't think he has a chance in Hades of being the next President of the United States.  I've been a little bummed to see Dr. Paul have to play up his religious side to try to win the religious right in Iowa, and I do not agree with his 'isolationist(a Four Letter Word if there ever was one in the Republican Party)' policies.  While I don't believe we should(or can afford to) continue to be Team America: World Police, I do believe if we need to tussle, it's better to do it Over There than Over Here. 

Obviously though, some people are starting to get worried about Dr. Paul though, because for the last 3 months, the man hasn't been able to buy a headline, and now he's getting his name printed all over the place...but most of it is not good.

This opinion piece in the Boston Herald is a prime example, using broad strokes to paint Ron Paul's supporters as tin-foil hat wearing, kool-aid drinking, cult-members. 

If it's not stories about Kool-Aid Drinking Supporters, than it's the Racist and Intolerant Newletters from the 1980's.  I've read some of the statements, and, it's probably not the type of thing a future President should say, but back in the late 90's and early 2000's, he admitted to having 'some moral responsibility' for what was written, even if he wasn't the one that wrote it, he admitted it went out under his name.  That's a better answer than his 'I didn't know' he recently gave. 

Who said any free press is good press?

I don't think he can win...but he can effect the race.  If one of the Republican's with a REAL chance of winning was smart, they would come out and announce that if they Win, Dr. Paul will get a senior appointment in the Administration...something that let's him focus on the budget, and the Federal Reserve.  People appreciate that part of his message, and a major Candidate could do worse than attempting to court the organization that Dr. Paul has created...

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  1. No, I don't think he can win, but I'll vote for him in the primary. If he runs "independent" or Libertarian, I'll vote for him in the general election. He won't win there either, but I believe any independent will make a good showing. The result will be that the Republicrats will recognize the threat to the status quo, and more importantly, the public might screw up the courage to start voting against BOTH parties. It really doesn't matter who becomes the next president, because the next president will continue to make matters worse. Faster or slower, depending on Congress, but we will keep moving in the wrong direction.

    Might as well use my vote to make a statement, because it sure won't make a change. Yet.