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A spoonfull of sugar.

I tend to keep to a pretty tight schedule when I wake up in the morning.  I'm not the 'sip a leisurly cup of coffee while I watch the news' kind of guy.  Realistically, I only have about 10 minutes between when I wake up and when I head out the door that I'm not in the bathroom.

Most of that 10 minutes is spent flipping back and forth between The Weather Channel and ESPN while I wait for the apartment to warm up a bit.  I try to avoid watching The News, just because it's 95% depressing, and I don't like starting my day anymore depressed than I usually am to be going to work.  Occasionally though, I will flip to Headline News.  The news is not any less depressing, but it's usually not as in depth as on the other channels, and what bad news there is is delivered by Robin Meade.
picture borrowed from www.manolith.com
What a pretty, pretty lady..there is very little she can say that comes across as bad news, even if she doesn't do much more than touch on the headline's(guess that must be why they call it Headline News).  If Obama does get re-elected, I hope I hear it from Robin Meade first...


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