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Christmas songs: The Bad.

As I sit here, cruising youtube so I can re-work my Top 20 Christmas Song List, I decided it might be easier/faster to come up with my worst Christmas songs.  Because it is Christmas, a time for happiness and cheerfullness, and forgiveness, I can't come up with 20, or even 10 'Worst Songs'...but I was able to come up with 5.

Top 5 Worst Christmas Songs   

5.  Happy Christmas(War is Over) by John Lennon.  This one kind of hurts a bit, because I'm a pretty huge Beattles fan...but then, I always liked Paul more than John.  If I wanted to make this list longer, I could have added a few more songs, the common theme being 'Downer' songs(The Christmas Shoes, for example).  I want Christmas to be happy and cheerful...not John Lennon asking me what I have done.  I just don't like this song.  It's massive over exposure probably does't help it either. 

4.  The Little Drummer Boy(any version except the Bing Crosby/David Bowie one).  The only real traditional song on my list, this one makes it because I just find it to be a boring song musically.  There isn't much to it, which might be why I am okay with the Bing/Bowie version of it.  It has some feel and soul. 

Bonus on this one is that my wife had never previously seen the video of the Bing/Bowie version.  Her reaction: 'David Bowie looks so young!  And so stereotypically British!'

3.  Where are you Christmas(Faith Hill)  Faith Hill is a pretty, pretty woman, who's voice isn't bad.  However, I would never put her in the same catagory 'vocal chops' wise as some of her contemporaries, like Martina McBride or Trisha Yearwood.  'Whistful' is not in her wheel house.

This song isn't helped in my book by being associated with a completly uneccessary remake of one of the best animated specials ever, The Grinch that Stole Christmas. 

2.  Feed the World(Don't they know it's Christmas Time). Yuck.  And over played.  And yuck.  And going back to John Lennon, stop trying to make me feel bad about my overly commercial, spoild my kids WAYYYY too much Christmas.  I give what I feel comfortable giving...I don't need to feel bad about working hard for nice things. 

1.  Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer(after the first 3 times of hearing it).  Yeah...last year, this song made my top 20, just because you knew Christmas was getting closer when you heard it on the radio. 

Now though....I find myself changing the channel when it comes on, which is once an hour, I think.  I'm so tired of hearing it I didn't even feel like linking too it on youtube.

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  1. Ah, go find Jars of Clay's Grinch Mix of Little Drummer Boy.

    And yes Faith has a too powerfull voice to manage wistfill well.