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Happy Ending, but...

A 'feel good' type Christmas story:

$172K violin left on Philly-bound bus is recovered

I'm glad there is a happy ending here...but, I have two issues here  First...really...a $172K for a violin?  I understand that some violins sell for even more than that...but would Charlie Daniels really sound that much better on a this fiddle than any other?(and yes, I realise that $172K is positively cheap compared to the 2 MILLION that is paid for a Stradivarius, or the totally insane 18 MILLION being asked for a del Gesu in Chicago.

I guess I'm just not refined enough to understand...just like on a smaller scale I can't being myself to pay $140 for a bottle of Crown Royal XR, when a $40 bottle of Crown Royal Special Reserve makes me perfectly happy.

My 2nd issue is You have a $172K Violin(want to buy my house?) and you don't have it hand-cuffed to your wrist?  Nope...just throw it up in the over-head bin...

Good for the cleaning service that found it...of course, I'm not sure you have much choice other than being honest...a $172K violin can't be the easiest thing to get rid of in an inconspicuous manner.

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