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Playing tourist

Heading out with the wife and kids this afternoon to go the picturesque Bavarian(tourist trap) town of Leavenworth.  Located in central Washington, on the eastern down-slope of the Cascades, Leavenworth is supposed to be a very pretty town to go visit in the winter.  Despite living in Washington for a long time, I've never been to Leavenworth before...when we lived on the west side of the states, I was never adventurous enough to brave the mountain passes to spend a day wandering around in the cold, looking at Bavarian facades and Christmas lights, while wishing I was inside a warm bar drinking a cold beer.

Now that I am on this side of the mountains, I don't have that excuse...nor do I wish I did.  I think the rest of my family will have a great time if it is even half as pretty as other folks have said it is.  The tricks going to be spending Saturday wandering in an out of various knick-knack and tchotchke filled shops without going harm with a car full of crap.

Gotta love the towns advertisements though...


  1. Kind of like Frankenmuth, MI ("Little Bavaria")

    Has Bronner's Christmas Wonderland: "The World's Largest Christmas Store"

    2 places for great chicken dinners...
    but no mountains. sigh...

  2. If you want to find out what is happening in town while you are there, go to http://www.AccidentalBavarian.com.

    We have a website of all things Leavenworth with reviews, descriptions of restaurants and stores and places we like to go.

    Cheesemongers Shop is a great place, and you might find Der Man Shoppe or the sporting goods places interesting. Lots of hearty fare in town as well.