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Whatever motivates you...

After watching a day-after-Christmas 'Hoarders' Marathon, my wife got all kinds of motivated to do some reorganizing of her craft stuff. 

'Hoarders' is both fascinating and horrible.  It's easy to kind of giggle and say 'hell, my house isn't that bad,' but it's horrible to think that this is REALLY happening.  These people are really living in this condition, with bugs, and mice, and dead cats.  Yeah...about half these folks are pet owners, and it never fails that they will find a dead cat or two(or 5 in one case) while removing piles of stuff. 

Anyway...the yarn was starting to be in danger of trapping our cat...and at 20 pounds, I'm sure he will stink when he goes.  It's not that she has any more yarn, or wool batting, or scrap-booking stuff than I(we) have guns and ammo, but the potentially dangerous nature of firearms and ammo forces me to maintain it in a semi-controlled manner.  Her craft stuff has a tendency to pile up in the unlikely places, until something(Hoarders, her mom coming visit) triggers an organizational orgy, because she can't do just the one thing...she can't reorganize her craft stuff without redoing the long-term food storage in our bedroom.  Add to that in this case she canibalized the armoire where my shirts were stored, and the result is that there is a point where she was about 50% through the project, and it looked like a bomb went off in our bedroom.

I was nice enough to take a picture:

And now, so I don't end up sleeping on the couch, allow me to link to her blog, with pictures of the highly functional finished product

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