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The buck stops here...

As your children get older, you have to let them start doing more and more things on their own. Our 6-year old is at the point where all I do for her now at bath time is set the water temperature for her, then get out of the way.  When bath time is over, we make sure she has a suitable 'shampoo' scent about her, and she gets dried off and dressed herself. 

As nice as that is, I realize that I am still responsible for what happens in the bathroom...like we learned in the navy, you can't delegate responsibility.

I had to remind myself of that this morning.  Without really paying attention, I reached into the tub and got the shower running.  I let the water heat up while I brushed my teeth, and then jumped right into the shower.

Landing in the 8-inches of icy cold water that was still in the tub from last night.  The little bit of new water from the warming shower didn't make much of a difference. 

Talk about a wake up. 

Before I went and dumped a bucket of water in my daughters bed, I remembered that it was ALL MY FAULT.  I didn't follow through on my responsibilities in making sure she properly finished her bath.

Lesson learned.

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