Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Oh, the pain!

I'm kind of wimp.  While I suffered the usual assortment of injuries a boy will have while growing up, I was never seriously hurt.  I fractured my left wrist a few times, rough housing and playing football, and then wrestling gave me cauliflower ear, bruied ribs, and a dislocated shoulder. 

The wrist never really hurt that much.  Plus, I was younger.  The cauliflower ear was a chronic ache, but tylonol made it go away.  The bruised ribs only hurt when they made me pick up 40 pound bags of dog food or fertilizer at work.  The shoulder hurt like the dickens, but then faded once it was back in. 

Today was the first time I really experienced agony. 

There I was in the shower, lathering up my hair.  Something about the angel I had my head at made a gob of lather fall across my nose and upper lip, and the same time I was breathing in.  This gave me a double nostril full of Head and Shoulders right up into my sinuses.

It felt like the world was ending.  I spent the next 5 minutes coughing, hacking and sneezing trying to get it all back out of my head...

That had to be worse than child birth...


  1. That tingling sensation was meant for your scalp, not your sinuses!

  2. Yeah...it was pretty far past 'tingling'

  3. Had the same thing happen to one day, couldn't breath right for half of the day.