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Not just an Indiana thing...

One of the things Tam likes to occasionally rant about is Police Officers doing silly things, in particular, getting caught doing stuff that would get you and me in serious trouble...like DUI

Proving these things can happen in the idealic Pacific Northwest, a Sherrif's Deputy was pulled over driving home from Tacoma on Thanksgiving Weekend. 

Stephen Argyle is a 30 YEAR Vetran of the Kitsap County Sherrif's Department, and was pulled over because he was "drifting in his lane," and had "grazed" the sides of his lane. 

It's unfortunate.  There is nothing to indicate that Deputy Argyle is anything other than a good cop...and I am not saying that you through the book at him just because he is a police officer that showed poor judgement driving home after drinking on a holiday weekend.  I am saying that you look really closely at whether or not he get's to continue his job as a Sherrif's Deputy. 

When I was in the Navy, I saw more than one guy have his career cut short because of a DUI.  You weren't necessarily bounced, but you knew your career path would be altered.  The Navy's Nuclear Power Program felt that drinking and driving showed poor judgement and made you a person of questionable integrity. 

I don't think it is too much to expect similar levels of judgement and integrity from our police officers. 

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