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Ain't no hole in the washtub!

Netflix hasn't done a lot of things right in the past year(and now they are saying the USPS decision to not do 'next day' shipping anymore may kill them) but one thing they have done right, and just in time for Christmas, is add Emmet Otters Jug Bang Christmas to their streaming selections.

Emmet Otter's is my favorite TV Christmas Special.  Along with Scrooged, A Christmas Story, Die Hard, and the Original Grinch who Stole Christmas, it would make my Top 5 Christmas Video's list.   

Anyway...we watched it last night(yup, daddy sacrificed some of that unwatchable Sunday Night Football game)...and, it's still as good as I remember.  The only thing missing from the netflix version is the Kermit the Frog intro, but that was more than made up for by the two girls who took turns sitting on my lap.  With my older onebeing 9 now, I'm not sure how many more times that will happen, and I try to treasure each remaining opportunity. 

The one thing that has always kind of impressed me about Emmet Otter is how, despite the fact that everything works out in the end, THE BAD GUYS WIN!  And make no doubt about, the River Bottom Nightmare Band, is one bad ass bunch of Alice Cooper Wanna-Be's, and not just a few hooligans like Emmet's mom thinks they are...they also deserve to win...

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