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Not crying...it's just a bit dusty.

While flipping through news and analysis from all the NFL games this weekend(on my lunch break), I came across an atypical Monday Morning story.  Most Monday football stories don't make me weepy...but this one did bring a little bit of moisture to my eyes.

Scott Wood was a U.S. Marine that died from injuries sustained in the service of his country.  He was also a big fan of the Houston Texans football team.  So big of a fan that his wife Sara had him buried with a Houston Texans shirt under his uniform. 

Sunday, the Houston Texans invited Sara and her son to see a Texans football game, and told them that they would them to participate in a half-time cermony honoring Scott and other fallen veterans, and that they would like to give young Landon a bike.

Well, it turns out the Houston Texans were liars(in a good way).  In addition to giving Landon a bike, the Texans, along with 'Operation Finally Home' gave Sara and Landon a house to live in.  Since Scott died, Sara and her son have been sharing a bed at her parents house. 

It's a bittersweet story.  I'm sure Sara would trade a new, free house to get her husband back, but if she can't have him back, she now has a new home to get her fresh start. 

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