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Friendship Tea

Yesterday, my wife was trying to come up with a recipe for something she calls 'Friendship Tea'.  It's a pre-mixed powder that you add to some hot water.  Her intent was giving jars of it to the ladies who run the co-op workshops that our daughters go to for home-schooling.  Since I had never heard of 'friendship tea', I told her I would help her by being a test subject.

After some talking with some of her online friends, she came up with a lower calorie recipe, and we started testing. 

It wasn't half bad.  I'm not entirely certain why it's called 'Friendship Tea', since it didn't taste remotely like tea...it had much more of a cider feel to it.  It was so much like cider I told my wife I thought it would make a great 'toddy' base, with some rum added to it.  Lacking any open rum, we did some experimenting.  I made one with some Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, and she made one with some Peach Schnapps added to it.

Yum on both of them.  I am sure a spiced rum like Captain Morgan's, or my preferred Sailor Jerry's would be just as tasty an addition.

I told my wife if she really wanted to show appectiation for the ladies teaching the work shops, she would pick up a few sample bottles of alcohol at the liquor store to throw in with the powder mix...

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