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Well, wonders never cease!

I almost couldn't believe me eyes this morning...a VERY postive portrayal of a shooting sports hobby in the Seattle Times this morning...and it's the first thing you see when you click on their website!

Renton shooters recreate Old West, live ammo and all.

Now, that's a nice article...a safe and postitive spin on one of the shooting sports.  It doesn't hurt in this case that CAS does have a high percentage of very approachable, very polite, and very mature shooters who are going to do their best to show off their hobby in it's best possible light.

This article gives me a major itch to get into cowboy shooting.  It's an itch that has always been there to one extant or another...heck, it's reason I already own a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt, and my Marlin 1894 in .357.  So, I'm half-way there from the firearms side(although, at some point, I think I would like to swap my Blackhawk for something in .357...when I bought that, I didn't have a .44 already...now, it's redundent).  Of course, when I bought those guns, I was still working for the Shipyard, and I really never had time to take it seriously.  Now...I do seem to find myself with time on my hands.

And the wife was asking me what I wanted to start doing for a hobby just the other day...she might think I'm cute if I grow an authentic handle-bar mustache. 

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