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You're looking in the wrong place...

If you were hoping to find a review on the terminal effects of Hornady's new Superperformance in .35 Whelen, I'm afraid you have come to the wrong place.  One would have to observe said effects by shooting an elk to be able to review them. 

Enough self pity.  I saw elk every day I was out hunting, they just weren't legal spike's.  The fact that roughly 66.7% of the elk I saw were from the relative warmth and comfort of the seat of my truck, vs. the 33.3% I saw sitting in the woods and hills is frustrating, but is not a sign that I am bad hunter(I hope).  I put in far more effort this year than I have in any previous year, and the fact that NO ONE shot a spike(and only two of my fellow hunters even reported SEEING one) means the problem is not likely me. 

I guess it is good news that I can't blame myself.  It's not like I missed...that would be tough to live down.  I can live safe in my delusion that I am a crack shot. 

A major change is needed.  This spring I will look hard at what my chances are of being selected for a cow tag using modern firearm vs. muzzle-loader.  I don't want to make a hasty decision, but right now I am thinking there is a 75% I will be muzzle-loading next year, at a minimum for deer, but quite possibly for both deer and elk.

The only real reluctance to switch methods comes from my fellow hunters.  These are guys that I have hunted with for 5 years, and worked with longer than that.  Only 2 of the 7 are interested in switching to muzzle-loading.  Not only will my possible switch create a possible skism in the group, but umm...I'm kind of a moocher*.  The fact that all these guys have the tents and trailers has meant I have become very spoiled. 

I will not get to sleep in this kind of luxury if I go on my own...

Or have these kinds of cooking facilities:


I might have to actually spend some of my own money if I go hunting next year!

*Clarification...I help pay(more than)my share of money for food, beer, gas for the generator's and propane...I'm not a total leach.  It just hasn't made sense for me to buy my own trailer or wall tent yet..and until the house sells, I probably won't be able to.

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