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Somethings different....

I used to love playing the board game Stratego as a kid.  Heck, you could probably say it was my introduction to turn-based strategy role playing games(what, you didn't give your little tiles names?  Major Johnson...you will find that flag and capture it!

Some of my enjoyment doubtless sprung from the fact that my major competition growing up was my younger brother, and I racked up something like a 173-2 record.  Games are always more fun when you are winning, I don't care what they are telling this 'scores don't matter' generation now.

Anyway, yesterday as I was making my daughters watch Phineas and Ferb, a commercial came on TV for Stratego.  I think something is different...I just can't put my finger on it...

Ummmmm...so what, today's kids aren't hip to Napoleonic Field Marshall's and Miner's? 

Guess I've got something new to add to my Christmas list...

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