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Christmas List!

SWMBO is losing patience waiting on my Christmas List, so I figured, why not do it here, where I can build my word count and post links for her, ALL while I put products I would be more than willing to test out there for different suppliers to look at! 

Machete: Not the movie...an actual tool.  I am wanting some kind of a hacking blade for my zombie/bug out kit.  For a while, I was leaning towards something in the tomahawk family, and then something like the Ontario SP-16, before finally settling on something machete like.  A Gerber Gator or  SOG SOGfari would make me happy indeed.

Les Miserable 25th Anniversary DVD: Nothing useful, firearms, or survival related here...I just like Les Miserables. 

First Aid Kit Stuff: Not the sexiest Christmas Present, but I wouldn't mind finding a few things of Celox, or even some of their pre-jimmied up gauze bandage under the tree.  So far I have always deferred to my wife in getting first aid stuff thrown together. 

Eton Scorpion: Earlier this year, I aquired an Eton Microlink 160, which was nice, but didn't blow me away.  The solar panel took A LONG time to charge the radio, and it lacked an A/C Adapter.  The Scorpion has a larger solar panel, AND you can get an A/C Adapter, so...yeah. 

Shotgun Stock: A few months back, Carteach did a write up on a new folding Knoxx Recoil Reducing Stock, and I have been jonesing one for my Mossberg 500 ever since.  I think, being the type of guy I am, I would prefer the collapsing version to the folding version...but either one would work. 

Grown Up Pellet Gun: Not a B.B. Gun...something like a Gamo Whisper.  Now we are getting into Dream World type gifts.  While up at hunting camp this year, one of my buddies sons put a hurting on a number squirrels with a Gamo Air Rifle...I was pretty impressed. 

Ummm...that's quite a list.  Not sure I will get more than 2 or 3 things on the list, because one thing I haven't talked about yet is a the new TV.  Currently, we have an 8 or 9 year old 25-inch Zenith in our living room(does Zenith even make TV's anymore?).  My wife and I agreed that the time had came to move up in the world, and get something in the 37-40" range for the living room using the latest technologym with 1080P resolution. 

What ever that means. 

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