Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Yes I'm bragging...

Today, before heading to church, my SWMBO asked me to take a few pictures of her, so she could put them up on a few of her online groups.  You see...today she hit another milestone in her weight loss...45 pounds since June.  

This was the picture that made her finally decide she wanted to do something:

We had gone to Bickleton for a day with her mom...small county fair, with the main attraction being one of the oldest carousel's in the U.S.  I took this picture, thinking my wife was beautiful.  At the time I was forbid to post it on here, because she was very unhappy with the way she looked.  She was quite surprised by the picture...ANYONE who has every struggled with weight knows how things can just kind of creep up on you.  Numbers don't matter...she simply decided that she had to do something.

She has done something...the right way.  No surgery, no pills...the only thing slightly 'strange' she has done is turn into a green tea drinking machine...she feels it helps bump up her metabolism.  She has just reduced caloric intake(only drinks wine once a week, because it's like 35 calories and ounce) and increased calorie burn.  Very old fashioned, and very successful.

Hubba, Hubba.  She still wants to lose about another 20 pounds or so...but with the Holiday's coming she is very realistic...if she can wake up January 1st weighing what she weighs now...she will be fairly estatic.  I would love to take some credit for this...but she has been entirely self-motivated.  About all I have done to help is reduce(not even eliminate) the amount of unrequested sweet's and sweet beverages I bring home.

 'Being Nice' fails to be nice when you are bringing home a 300 calorie latte for your amazing wife who is counting every calorie.


  1. Good for her! I've managed to stop the upwards climb, but haven't been able to turn it around.