Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)



It's my Friday today.  Because we work a 9 X 8 compressed schedule, I get every other Friday off normally, which falls the day after Thanksgiving.  Add to this the fact that once upon a time, my company and the Union decided that instead of taking Veterans Day off, we would just take an extra day at Thanksgiving, and that means we get 5 days off at Thanksgiving, without having to burn vacation time.

Or more properly, you can have 9 days off (Saturday to following Sunday) for only burning 2-days of vacation time.

Not a bad deal, and one of the 'good deals' that wouldn't have happened back in my cushy Federal Job.

Of course, because I am sick, disturbed Glass Half-Empty kind of guy, all I can focus on is that after we have these 5 days off, next week is a full 5 days on...

Buck up little camper...We'll beat that mountain together. 

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