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You say Protest, I say Riot.

Here in Washington, they are trying to hold a Special Session of The Legislature, so they can get a jump on the projected 1.4 BILLION dollar deficit we are looking at here in Washington State. 

I say 'trying to hold' because Monday's Special Session was interrupted by protesters...not just outside the building, but inside the Capitol, including fighting their way into the conference rooms where some of the Committees were meeting. 

In their effort to get protesters out of the Capitol once it closed, and then keep them out of the conference rooms where the committees were, several protesters were hit with stun guns, and 6 police officers were injured, two of them being bitten on the arm!  When people start getting bitten on the arm, things are going a bit beyond the 'peaceable protest' stage...you either need to start calling it a riot...

Or a Revolution. 

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