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Strange definition of dangerous.

Earlier this week, a 14-year student at Kamiakin High School, in Kennwick, Washington was an idiot.  I just want to get that clear upfront...at no point am I defending/justifying what this chuckle head did.

What did he do?  While, fearing that he was going to be 'jumped' he decided that he was going to arm himself.  He the let folks all around the school know that he was heeled, and he was not going to be afraid to use his gun to defend himself if he was attacked...going as far as to flash his firearm to other students.

Well, of course, the fact that he had a gun made it to school officials, and the school was placed into lock-down while police were notified.  Within 12 minutes of their arrival, the police had rounded up our young toughie, and found out that what he was actually carrying around was an Airsoft Pistol. 

Dumb Ass.  His stupid behavior earned him a trip to the police station, and on Friday, he was charged with 2nd Degree Assault and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon on School Grounds.

I was actually motivated enough here that I went and checked the Codes of Washington to find out what 2nd Degree Assault looks like...and I don't see him meeting that definition.  By the way.,.I was surprised to find that attacking a peace officer with a stun gun is only 3rd Degree Assault.

I also had a trouble with them charging him with Possession of a Dangerous Weapon on School Grounds, because the only person an Airsoft Gun is dangerous too is the person carrying it.  They look very realistic, and more than one when facing them in a stress filled situtation, police officers have shot people carrying them...and I don't blame them!  But...reading the RCW's on Dangerous Weapons...it flat calls out 'Any Air Gun'.

Silly.  Silly, silly, silly.  Can't we just make up something where we can charge people with being a dumb ass?  I mean, that would make me much happier to read in the paper than what they are charging this kid with. 

'Yes your Honor...we the jury find Shae Smith guilty of Being a Dumb Ass in Public'.   The only problem with that is the proper punishment would be making him sit in a chair in front of the mall holding a sign saying 'Yes, I was a Dumb Ass...don't do what I did'.  I'm sure that right up their with displaying them in stocks...not sure why that counts as cruel and unusual punishment...commiting a stupid crime SHOULD be embaressing. 

When I am in charge, things will be different. 

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