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Burn the witch(s)!

Okay...I take it back.  I would never want to malign the many fair Wican's I know out there by comparing them to these disgusting pieces of filth in Ohio.

Ohio mom charged in death of 28-pound teen girl

Nope...there isn't a digit missing in that weight up there. 

Back in March, this poor malnourished 14-year old girl with cerebral palsy was rushed to the hospital by paramedics.  She died shortly after arriving at the hospital.  Her weight at check in was listed at 28-pounds.  14 years old...28 pounds.  Ken Betz, director of the local coroner's office, said 'She was the worst malnourished child this office has ever seen'

Oh MY  GOD.  I mean..in the movie 7, the guy he kept strapped in the bed that ate his own tounge had to have weighed more than 28 pounds.  What kind of filthly F-ing animal mistreats a 14-year old girl with CP to the point she weighs 28 pounds when she dies.

Oh...the type of animal that is HER MOM!!!!!!   And, this isn't even a 'Wicked Step-Mom story.  This lady starved her own daughter. 

Also facing charges are the LPN who was providing 6-day-a-week home care, and then there are lesser charges(neglect vs. involuntary manslaughter). 

First of all, what is this crap about charging the mom and the 6-day-a-week LPN with INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER.  Letting a 14-year old girl waste away to 28 pounds isn't like forgetting to feed the neighbors gold fish while they are on vacation.  It's MURDER. 

I see red when I read this kind of story.  Cerebral Palsy is not a fatal disease.  Yes...people striken with it require aid and assistance...but it's not usually fatal. 

I'm just as mad at the nurses in this case as I am the mom.  My wife is an LPN, and she has considered going the home health care route to earn a few extra bucks, and stay current on her hours while still home-schooling our children.  If I found out she was engaged in something heinous like this, I might just put the bullet in her myself to save the state the cost of two trials.  Okay...probably wouldn't shoot my wife...but I would never speak to her again.  She had to take the Nightingale Pledge(I'm a simple guy...it's the Hippocratic Oath for nurses).  She takes it very seriously.  Obviously, not everyone does.

This has me so mad I can barely see straight.  Another article I read on this made me even more angry, because it said that the state 'Began an investigation into this case last month'.  A 14-year old girl is brought into the hospital weighing 28 pounds, and it takes them from the beggining of March until NOVEMBER to actually arrest someone and press charges. 


Well, as long as no one in Ohio was late getting their food stamps over the last 8 or 9 months...

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