Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


My God...it's full of stars...

Since I was unable to provide for my family by bringing home large chuncks of bloody meat, I felt compelled to provide for them other ways.  For breakfast, I whipped up plates of chocolate chip pancakes for the girls(and went the extra mile by putting whipped cream smiles on them). 

After cleaning up the breakfast mess, it was back into the kitchen.  The menu for dinner was potato soup, which calls for some type of bread product on the side.  My usual default 'dinner bread product' is Jiffy Corn Bread, but since it's Sunday, I couldn't justify not making something from scratch. 

I have this fear of yeast(the whole blooming thing is SOOOOOO complicated) and so if I'm making something from scratch, I usually make biscuits...baking soda and powder don't need blooming.  When I went to the cabinet this morning though, the unopened jar of yeast was staring at me.  Feeling guilty, I decided to finally tackle a bread recipe that required yeast. 

The recipe I decided to try comes from perhaps my 2nd favorite source after Alton Brown...Brigid over at Home on the Range. 

An expert observer would point out that mine look different than her's.  True...I only have one 6-pack muffin pan, so I punted, and just formed the rolls into balls and placed them into a 9-inch round pan.  I refuse to believe this method of cooking affected the finished product, because if they were any better, my head would have exploded.

The ONLY negative about these rolls is that it took my soup longer to thicken up than I thought it would, and the rolls cooled to room temperature before we were ready to eat them.  Luckily, I had one shortly after they came out of the oven...had to make sure they were okay to give to my family!

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