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Election Day

Since Washington has gone to all mail in ballots, things just don't quite feel the same.  Last year, for the help of some friends and other Washington resident, I wrote my own opinion about some of the State wide ballot measures up for vote, but due to hunting and other things, I didn't get to that this year.  My adoring public complained(well, I got one text from a friend who said she was confused because I didn't tell her what to do).  While it is late, since things had to be in the mail today...here is how you should have voted if you are a Washington resident.

Senate Joint Resolution 8205 Concerning the length of time a voter must reside in Washington to vote for president and vice president.

Over the past 40 years, there have been different attempts to change the amount of time that someone must reside in Washington to be able to vote for President and Vice-President.  There are also other conflicting periods of time you must have lived in your county and precinct.  The State Supreme Court has basically overruled all of these extra restrictions, and basically resets the State Constitution to a 30-day residency requirement.  Sure...whatever...mostly because it removes some double-speak and other confusing wording from a Governing Document. 

Senate Joint Resolution 8206 Concerning the budget stabilization account maintained in the state treasury. 

The State currently has a requirement that each fiscal year, 1% of revenue must be transferred to a 'Budget Stabilization Account'(rainy day fund).  This resolution requires that during years of 'Extraordinary Revenue Growth' this percentage needs to go up.  I voted yes, despite that fact that I think it will be 100-years before we see any 'Extraordinary Revenue Growth'.

Initiative Measure 1125 Concerning state expenditures on transportation.

This initiative adds some additional restrictions to how tolls are set, and used in the State of Washington.  It would require that tolls be set by the Legislature, and be project specific, and the revenues generated only be used for transportation projects.  One of the big things that requiring the legislature to set the tolls instead of the State Tolling Authority, is that the tolls must be Uniform and Consistent.  This comes into play because right now, there is a toll on the 520 Bridge into Seattle, and at peak travel hours it costs $3.50...down to free between 11PM and 5AM.  I'm voting yes.

Initiative Measure 1163 Concerning long-term care workers and services for elderly and disabled people. 

This initiative is a complete Ponzi Scheme being almost 100% backed and funded by the SEIU.  Even the Seattle Times says so.  It would require the State of Washington to pay for training to Home Health Aides, and then let the SEIU monitor and charge for testing the workers.  NO!  Can't believe I agree with the Seattle Times.

Initiative Measure 1183 Concerning liquor: beer, wine, and spirits (hard liquor).

This is the big one on the ballot this time around.  As everyone in the state has heard by now, Costco has donated 22 MILLION DOLLARS to passing this initiative, more than has ever been spent on any other initiative in state history.  Basically, this initiative will get The State out of the liquor sales business.  Right now, every bottle of alcohol in Washington passes through the States hands at one point or another.  Beer and Wine can then be sold in different retail outlets, but the hard stuff can only be sold in State Liquor Stores, at the State's Price(which is where Costco gets involved...they would rather be able to buy directly from distributors than having to go through the state...so would everyone else, including Safeway, Wal-Mart, and most restaurants.)  Me too...one of the few things I miss from The Packies in Connecticut was stuff going on sale, and price wars!  That doesn't happen in the Government Run Monopoly here in Washington.

Contrary to what the anti's are pushing here, hard alcohol still won't show up in Mini-marts.  The new law will require it to be sold either in liquor stores opened where there used to be State Stores, or retail sites of greater than 10,000 Square Feet. 

I am SOOOOOO looking forward to finding out what a handle of Crown Royal costs at Costco....

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