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During the Black Friday sales today, my mom bought a couple of new memory cards for her camera and her Blackberry.  Until yesterday, when I showed off with my phone, she didn't know that you could load songs on a micro SD card, and then put that micro SD card into your phone to play music. 

Proving I'm not really the best person to show off new technology, I didn't know enough to warn her than in additon to Micro SD cards there are now Micro SDHC(high capacity) cards, and that older equipment(like her Blackberry, and my Samsung Cell Phone) that were designed for Micro SD cards don't play nice with the newer Micro SDHC cards...

Sigh...at least my wife is excited now...when we get home tomorrow she should have her new Droid waiting on the front porch, and at least two Micro SDHC cards available to choose from. 

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