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I'm not someohe who has a lot of 'Thanksgiving Traditions'.  What with my parents being divorced, and living about 2 hours from each other(and about 4 hours from our place in Richland), we seem to do something different each year in an effort to keep everyone happy.

When we lived in Belfair, things were close enough together that we could get in the car and make a big loop of everything, doing one parents for dinner, and the other for desert, or just host everything.  That would be one of the things I am thankful for...even through they got divorced, by parents still get along good enough to spend time in the same room together civilly for the sake of their grandchildren. 

This year our plan was to come over Wednesday afternoon, and use my mom's plave as a base of operations until we head back Saturday.  We went to my dads yesterday for dinner and desert, while my mom went out with some friends. We ate too much food, and had slivers of two types of pumpkin pie, apple-cranberry pie, and peacan pie, just so I could say I tried them all.  Then my mom mom and SWMBO headed out at 11PM last night to wait at Target for them to open, then had breakfast at Shari's before hitting Fred Meyers at 5, finally dragging themselves back in at about 6:45.

The rest of today is recovery for them.  I am getting to ready to roll with the plan of taking both of my youngin's out to see the new Muppet Movie.  Huge sacrifice on my part, although no movie with Amy Adams requires that much arm twisting on my part.  You want me to see your movie, put an asthetically pleasing red-head in it.  And the Swedish Chef.

As for everthing else I am thankful for, it can pretty much be summed up in this picture:

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