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It's a Deadline!

Only a political body like Congress could set a 'Deadline' for automatic cuts that goes into effect 2 years from now.

Only a political body like Congress could punt all their decision making ability to a made-up 'It's not MY fault Super Committee' to make hard decisions, and then let that Super Committee recess without making it's hard decisions. 

If it was really the Will of the Congress(and The People, but who cares about them) that this Super Committee come up with a plan before a 'Deadline' wouldn't we have locked them in a room and fed them their Thanksgiving Dinner through a slot in the door?

They are all to blame...and I am certain that out of the 12 members, at least 10 will be re-elected next time they run for office.


Wish I had deadline's like that where I work...

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