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Not sure I would have done that...

As a gun owner, one of the things that you need to be very careful about is keeping your temper.  There was a story in the Kitsap Sun a few days ago about a gun owner that could have placed himself at risk.

Olalla man grabs rifle, chases down apparent burglar

I'm not sure I blame the kid(23 years old) for doing what he did...I just hope I would have the restraint to not place myself at the legal risk that he did. 

3PM in the afternoon, dude comes home from work and spots someone leaving HIS house with a backpack.  That's not a nice way to come home...but at that point, the 23 year old grabbed a rifle, and proceeded to chase the guy who was leaving his house a mile down the beach! 

No shots were fired, but eventually the suspect gave up, at which point the pursuer used his belt to tie the thief's hands up behind his back, and then march him back to his house to call 911.  When the police arrived, they found two camera's and a laptop in the bad guys back pack.


I'm glad things worked out for the resident.  He got his stuff back, and so far has avoided any charges being filed against him...but...MAN.  Running down the beach chasing a guy while carrying a rifle?  And then marching the guy a mile back DOWN the beach at gun point?  There are a lot of movie fans out there who upon seeing that, might not be able to figure out who good guy and the bad guy is.  This is not exactly a heavily populated area...someone seeing this might think someone is being marched down the beach to a secluded execusion spot. 

Hey...sometimes I'm an over-thinking pessimist.  I just don't think I would have made the decision to chase a guy a mile down the beach with a rifle...

Like I could even run a mile anymore...sheesh. 

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