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Y'all need to find something else to get worked up about.

As the world goes rapidly to Hell in a Handbasket, some people pick strange things to get all angry about.

Earlier this week, a pretty young actress took time out of her schedule to promote reading at Emerson Elementary School, by reading to a group of 1st and 3rd grade students.  The fact that her decision is possibly motivated by a desire to get positive press is not important...I'm cynical enough to believe that 99% of what 'celebrities' do is decided by their managers and PR folks.  What SHOULD matter is that she took time off from her schedule, and spent in a classroom with some kids...which is more than you can say for 80% of the parents of the kids in the class.

Instead, a number of the parents(and the article doesn't say how many...is it one trouble maker, or 10-12 clueless ones?) decided to complain because the pretty young actress started her career in the Adult Entertatinment industry, before deciding to go 'mainstream' a few year ago. 

Unless the staff at the school decided to introduce the young lady to the students by playing a collection of her best scenes from her former career, this is a stupid thing to get mad about.  When I told my wife about it, she said that in her opinion, as long as the young lady in question had to go through the same background checks that SHE did when she volunteered in my daughters classroom, her method of earning money shouldn't matter. 

As bad as our public schools are, they shouldn't complain about ANYONE who wants to help. 

My guess is that half the complaints are coming from fathers who didn't know that would be a good day to pick up their kids at school. 

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