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What one might call an 'upgrade'...

Earlier this evening, I was flipping through the channels, and I noticed that the ION Channel showing The Quick and the Dead(1995 Sharon Stone version) from 3:30 until 6, followed immediately by The Outlaw Josie Wales.

Isn't that kind of like swinging through the McDonalds drive-through while you are on your way to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse? 

I actually think I paid to see The Quick and the Dead at the movie theaters.  I mean...Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russel Crowe and Leo Dicaprio...you wouldn't give a movie with that cast a chance?  With Gary 'Lt. Dan' Sinise, Lance 'Bishop' Henriksen, and Tobin 'Jig Saw' Bell in supporting roles?  Yes, you would hope that movie wouldn't totally suck.

And you would be wrong. 

If you're gonna pick a mid '90's Western to run before The Outlaw Josie Wales, wouldn't you pick Tombstone? 


  1. Tombstone, yes. Or even Wyatt Earp.
    Even Hackman couldn't bring that corpse to life!

  2. It's not that Wyatt Earp was bad, it just wasn't as 'entertaing' as Tombstone.