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Yesterday, my little rant about Taylor Swift caused me to head down a tangent of bands or acts that should have made it.  Of course, the only opinion about why they should have made it is mine. If I like a band, they should be popular.

One of those bands that almost made it is The Corrs...which is funny, because as an Irish Band...they did make it in Ireland and the UK...numerous #1 songs and albums. 

We American's are strange though.  The classic 'New York, New York' says 'If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere'.  The opposite is also kind of true...we assume that anyone who can't make it here, hasn't/can't make it anywhere...even if they had 6 #1 in the UK over a 11 year period.  

Anyway...these three sisters and one brother can sing, AND play their own instruments.  You might have heard this song on the radio back around the turn of the century.  I prefer this live verison to the slighty 'slicker' version they had on the radio...shows a bit more pure talent. 

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