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I'm so weak...

I'm not someone who runs the heat very often in the apartment...no where near as religiously as I run the A/C in the summer.  The only time cold bothers me is in the morning.  I'm fine hoping out of bed with it chilly in the house, but I would really prefer that there is some warm air moving around before I get out of the shower.  So...usually, before hoping in the shower, I will turn the heat on...this gives it 20 minutes or so to warm things up.  While the thermostat usually only goes up two or three degree, it gets warm air moving, and that is good enough.

Just how chilly is chilly?  Well...most mornings last week when I made it downstairs it was about 62, 63 degrees, which is only a few degrees cooler than when we go to bed(as I type this, the thermostat says 66 degrees in the living room, and that's only because my wife has a little heater running over by the couch for her feet.)  If I am just sitting around, watching TV at night, I am fine with anything over 62 or so...that's in my comfy shorts and T-Shirt.  Sometimes, I will feel a chill and put on socks.

This infuriates my wife, who spends most nights in sweat/yoga pants and a hooded sweat shirt, while snuggling under a blanket. 

Well, infuriates is a strong word....how's about 'frustrates in a slightly amused manner?' 

Anyway, this morning when I made it down to the living room, it was down to 58 degrees. 

That's a little too chilly.  I turned the heat on just for the heck of it for about half an hour, and turned the heat back off when it was up to 65...but it was cold outside this morning, and I think I actually turned it on and off about 3 other times until it actually stayed comfortable in the apartment.

Might actually have to set the thermostat before going to bed tonight. 

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