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Think we may have missed a solution...

Last week there was a story in the Tri-City Herald about how a number of local farmers are experiencing manpower shortages, causing them to leave a lot of asparagus unharvested. 

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated story, unemployment rates remain above 8% nationally, with right around 200,000 people in Washington State collecting unemployment benefits.

No one thought to put these two numbers together, and arrive at some decision?  Like, maybe it's offensive that 200,000 people are recieving tax-payer money to do NOTHING while several hundred acres worth of asparagus are allowed to bloom and rot? 

Another way to look at this is 'wow, look how successfull our new border policies' are.  This, of course, is one of the unintended consequences of cracking down on folks coming across the border illegally.  Not that I am saying we need to open it up...but I'll bet these farmers would be willing to turn a blind eye to border security if it meant getting their crops out of the field easier and cheaper.


  1. Well, what is being missed is that picking asparagus does not pay well. If you live in your vehicle or a tent city, and aren't educated beyond your means to... you know... actually work ("occupiers"), and you are willing to work from dawn to dusk (with some givens for extremes in heat and cold), living off an income just below the poverty line (if single), then, yes, picking asparagus (and cantaloupe, watermelon, lettuce, etc.) is a dream job. But... I do get your point, too, though.

  2. Requiring the unemployed to work at a temporary job would distract them from what they're already doing - looking for "permanent" work

  3. To prove they are looking for work here in Washington you are only required to make contact with three employers a week.

    I'm sure they could do that and harvest another few days during the week.