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Well, it's got a trigger...

I bought a new toy this weekend...not a gun, but a weed-wacker for my yard.  I've been borrowing a friends lawn mower since moving in, but I haven't been getting around the edges.  Now that some of the grass has made it above me knees, I finally broke down, and did some shopping.

I ended up deciding to go with a cordless Black and Decker model.  One of my friends tried to talk me out of, saying he had never had good results from a battery powered model, but I'm smarter than he is, so I took a chance on it anyway.

For only having used it one time so far, initially, I am pleased with it.  The box came with two batteries for the trimmer, and I made sure to FULLY charge them both before firing it up.  It turns I didn't need the 2nd one...I was able to get through the full permiter on the one battery, which my buddy tried to tell me would never happen.

It's not fancy.  You can't swap out the thread for a different types of heads, and power wise...it didn't like it when I plopped it down right in the middle of some thick stuff...you had to work your way in from the side. 

But for what I wanted...it's going to get the job done. 

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