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But you said you had nothing else to say!!!!

I know...earlier I said I had nothing to really say about The Avengers other than it was really, really good, and Scarlet's hair was shorter than in the last movie.  Following a discussion at work today with one of my buddies, I realized that I did have a little more to say though.

My buddy has two sons that are way into baseball and football, with the end result being that he doesn't have a lot of free time for watching movies, so he hasn't seen all The Avengers lead-in movies.  He wanted to know if he should even bother seeing The Avengers if he hadn't seen Thor and Captain America, or Iron Man 2 first. 

The initial knee-jerk reaction was the correct one...OF COURSE, because it was an awesome movie!  Thinking about it some more, I kind of clarified things for him a bit.  While I feel that Avengers would still be a highly entertaining movie with no prior exposure, I did have to concede that you would get more out of it having seen Thor, Captain America, and the two Iron Man movies.

For instance, if you hadn't seen the two Iron Man flicks, you might not get much out of the Pepper Potts character played by Gwyneth Paltrow.  Heck...I have seen them and all I really got out of her character was that they put her in daisy dukes because her legs are her best feature.   Seeing Thor will also let you enjoy the Loki/Thor dynamic some more. 

Heck...why are we even talking about this...why haven't people just seen those other movies yet?  Losers with real lives.  If you haven't seen the lead in movies, and you don't have time to watch all of them, Captain America probably has the least cross over info.  We all know who Captain America is, and his back story...and none of the other folks from his movie other than Nick Fury made the jump into Avengers.

While we are focused on negatives, the only other really negative I have is the character of Hawkeye...he just kind of felt like a throw-away...no real effort was made to flesh him out like they did with Black Widow(of course, she has the flesh to be worth fleshing out, although I'm sure females would enjoy looking at Jeremy Renner as much as I enjoy looking at Scarlett Johansson). 

And stare at her I did.  Not just because she is on My List, but also because of something I read over on someone's blog(and for the life of my I can't find the original post) but it had something to do with a master assassin/kick ass secret agent facing the end of the world with a Glock 26 in a tactical thigh rig.  It was kind of an interesting choice...you would think if she was going to pick a glock, it would be something she could stock with 33 round magazines...  

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