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Gonna get kicked out...

Well, The Avengers had the biggest movie opening EVER this weekend(not adjusted for inflation or the insane price of 3D tickets), taking in over $200 Million domestically.

And I didn't go see it.  I'm quite afraid that that means I should expect a registered letter to be delivered today revoking my geek card. 

I wonder if they will stay my sentence if I break out the dice and roll up a few D&D characters today, and promise to see it this week.  By all accounts, it is everything everyone hoped it would be...

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  1. I dunno. Then again I'm a bit older than you, so maybe I get a grumpy old man pass? I just don't want to watch anything Hollywood produces, and I seriously doubt it would even, in my estimation, be worth sitting through a free airing. And more, I hate giving hollywood a dime, especially right before elections.

    If they come for my geek card, they better be prepared to roll three natural twenties in a row. Besides, remember what they said about playing games with a wookie? Yeah, well. I'm not just a geek.