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I've got an excuse now!

The last few nights around here have been clear and chilly, beating or matching record lows.  Heck not just chilly, below freezing, with some mid-May frost on the truck windows.  Chances are if it's forming on my truck windows, it's forming on the plants in my garden...which means I have an Official Excuse for the sorry state of my garden! 

That Official Excuse will be perfectly fine until someone points out how my zucchini and acorn squash were dead before it got cold.  Heck...they were DOA, and it has to be the roots, like I thought it was.  Like I said before...as long as I'm learning lessons, I'm not wasting my time.  I might be failing, but I'm not waisting my time.

I'm also helping to reinforce my wife's opinion that she made the right decision by buying starter plants for her herbs...and, her decision to not let us sell everything and go try to be farmers in The American Redoubt(as Rawles would call it).  The Tri-cities, where we live, is already on the border of that territory, but when I run off hunting to the Blue Mountains, or the Palouse around Pullman, or Colfax, I'm in the heart of it.

Now, I don't share ALL of the same opinions as Mr. Rawles(he's much more religiously minded than I am), but that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind a 10-20 acre farm surrounded by folks who would MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.  Occasionally, on a hunting/scouting trip I will spot a suitable looking property.  When I get home, I'm always sure to only show my wife the ones with 'cute little farmhouses' on them, vs. the ones with broke down single-wides.  I do have a little tact.

I'll try to plant the bug in her ear that while I was driving through town, I also saw a sign that the local 'Tiny Medical Clinic' was hiring LPN's.   The idea then would be that she might be able to make enough cash for us to live on, while I get the garden, and rabbits and goats squared away enough for us to approach self-sufficiency. 

I think I'll wait until we actually eat a pepper out of the garden before I propose that idea again...

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