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As promised...

I said I would post a picture of picture of my finished pork shoulder, and so I shall.

The chunk missing from the top was removed by my wife, who was more than willing to take the hit for the team and make sure the pork was ready for pulling.  it was, bringing us to the toughest park of pulling pork: waiting for it to cool enough to be able to handle it bare handed, and then making sure that not too much of it get sampled during the shredding process. 

Starting with 5 pound boneless shoulder, I was able to get three 12 ounce packages of pork...one which we ate tonight, two that went in the freezer for later use.  There they will stay until my wife decides to pull one of them out to use as the protein component in dinner...usually we end up tossing them in with mac and cheese, or a rice or bean mix, or for pork taco's. 

Meanwhile, as a Celtic's fan, I'm not very happy with the way game 1 is going.  I don't really think that the Celtic's have a chance to win it all(or even beat the Heat to make it to the Finals), but it hurts to see your team lose anyway...


  1. Suz beat me too it. So I'm hungry AND late. Thanks, both of you.