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She knows me too well...

Over the weekend, I finally super glued my wife to the couch so we could do some serious discussing about our itinerary for our trip to to Bozeman this summer.  The only remaining point of negotiation is if there is enough to do between Missoula and Bozeman to justify staying a 4th night between the two towns.  Right now, I am thinking we will do Coeur D'Alene night one, Missoula night 2, then Bozeman.  That's where things get hazy...do a 2nd night in Bozeman, or head back to Missoula in the evening after doing the Museum of the Rockies, before hitting CDA again, and then going home.  

One plan will have us spending the 4th in Missoula, the other in Coeur D'Alene.  Maybe someone, ANYONE(like Kit, my Montana Hero) will swing in and tell me if the 4th of July in Missoula is a good time or not.

In other planning news, after hammering out the big picture stuff, my wife has left alone for the 'finer points'.  For the most part. 

Last night, she caught me on the computer with about 4 windows open, bouncing around on yelp, the Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-in's, and Dives websites.  She then informed me that my original justification for this road trip was visiting the Museum of the Rockies, not planning my own personal attack on every brew pub and hidden food gem between Richland and Bozeman. 

Party Pooper.  I think I agreed we wouldn't eat at more than one brew pub a day...


  1. I've got to admit, when we become boyish, women have us pegged. It can be a comforting thought... until the cookies in the cookie jar start sounding good. One pub a day though? That sounds reasonable. Urhm, is there a time limit? :p

  2. Man, it would be a lot easier to comment on this sort of thing if one of the ID options was simply Name/Website rather than demanding an LJ or WP ID.

    Try to pencil in Lewis and Clark Caverns if theyre open. It's an amazing cavern network in some very pretty country. You might want to swing by the Big Timber Sharps Rifle Company and check out their stuff over in Big Timber. Also, check with the WCSM (http://www.wcsofmt.com/shows.html) and see what gun shows might lay in your path. While in CouerD'Alene check out Downtown Guns.

  3. Well, you will work just as well as Kit, sir.

    I'd like to do the Caverns, but my wife is not a big fan of Confined Spaces...maybe if I can find her a few antique stores to crawl around in, I can take the girls caving.

    Might have a tougher time selling my wife on a tour of gun shops than on a tour of brew pubs...

    Thanks for the feedback on the login pain in the rear. Since I've never had to log in like that to respond to a one of my own posts, I had no idea there was that kind of pain level. I'll play with my settings to see what I can do to loosen things up...

    I'm sure that explains the lack of responces to my posts sometimes.

  4. Missoula is nice for the 4th, although the fireworks are done at the mall (which gets very crowded. BUT! If you are willing to hike to the M there's a spectacular view form up there of the fireworks going off over the whole valley. Or I can get you headed up to a high point by car for another good view. It won't be too hot and everything will still just barely be green and pretty. :)