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First World Problem

One of the newer phrases my wife has picked up from one of her online peer groups is: That's First World Problem. 

Examples of First World Problems are:

I can't find my I-Pod Charger

The Grocery Store was out of the brand of hummus that I like, so I had to buy the other one.

There was no Tully's in that town, so I had to drink Starbucks instead.

Now we can add another one: The floor in the cabin/cottage we are renting is 100% Linoleum.  I am certain that this linoleum in 840% easier to maintain than carpet is...but talk about chilly when you first wake up and then when you get out of the shower...


  1. http://www.reddit.com/r/firstworldproblems/



  2. Those 99% occupy protesters? Have no friggin' clue. Visit Africa, India, or even many parts of Europe, China, or the purposeful N.K. And our economy has fallen, even so we are definitely all 1%. Right now my feet are cold, because I forgot to throw on a pair of my wool socks, socks which cost as much as half a month's worth of living... for Obama's brother. Still, they are MY socks. Obama's brother is worth at least $10m, let his brother help him.