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That wouldn't have happened at Target...

A guy trying to buy some mulch at Walmart got a little more than he bargained for when he got bit on the hand by a rattlesnake

I've never been to Clarkston...it's about two hours from here over on the Washington-Idaho border.  I can't imagine their Walmart is much different from the Walmart in Kennewick or Richland though...and I wouldn't have been surprised to here that this story had happened here in the Tri-Cities.  South-East Washington in lousy with Rattlesnakes.  The animal control folks out on site at Hanford take care of 4 or 5 each summer. 

What really made my day in this story wasn't that the guy got bit, because getting bit on the hand by a rattlesnake can't be pleasant...it's that the guy gets to admit he was at Walmart buying mulch for his marijuana plants! 

God Bless the Pacific North West...

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  1. You live on the other edge of the redoubt. Interesting to read for contrast. Well, and you know about the redoubt. Too, you are less religiously inclined, I am Catholic, neither of which is... an exact fit. Utah here. For some reason, in spite of getting out a bit from time to time, I have seen zero rattlesnakes. You there, my friend in AZ, and when I lived in Colorado, sure. But not here, in Northern Utah, up into the mountains on rarely traveled paths? Odd.

    At first I thought he must be a heavy end user to say what the fertilizer was for, until I read the rest of it. Still, would you really want to advertise your usage? That you grow it? I dunno, but it doesn't sound like a smart plan with feds and illicit users all looking to score.