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One less goblin...

Someone learned that window shopping(especially through a window you just broke) at 2:30 in the morning is a good way to end up ventilated.

Walla Walla store owner shoots intruder

Not a HUGE amount of detail in the story, but the local radios had a little more to say, particuarly that the police we considering it a self-defence shooting for the current time, and that the cooling corpse had several 'gang related' tattoos.  Not that that automatically makes a guy guilty, but...it is an indicator that the store owner shouldn't have too many regrets. 

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  1. And they say all news is bad news. Though... there is the insurance fee he'll have to pay on the window. This guy, and guys and gals like him, really deserve medals for civic duty. It's not something anyone likes to do but sometimes it has to be done. So when a civilian does it they deserve honest recognition.