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Or, it COULD be the Gangs...

The head line on the front page of the Seattle Times got my blood pressure fired up bright and early this morning. 

Guns more than gangs are fueling violence in Seattle, police say

Yup...because I'm constantly having to stop my guns from loading themselves up in my truck and driving themselves around town and then randomly firing 40 rounds into someones house, or trying to pop someone from across an intersection.

This whole article is made of fail.  There is one quote about guns three paragraphs in...the rest is a bunch of quotes from police officials about how they really don't have an F-ing CLUE about why the number of homicides is up from last year to this year. 

Of particular interest to me is who they are quoting: A Deputy Police of Chief, an Assistant Chief for Operations, an Assistant Chief of Investigations, and Acting Captain of Community Outreach.  Dare we guess that maybe that little example of top-heaviness has something to do with the inefficiency of the Seattle Police to figure out why people are shooting each other in drive by's or across intersections? 

In the end, the article boils down to many examples of a lack of communication between the police department and the 'community'  There have been three or 4 shootings in the last week with absolutely NO witnesses.  Or no witnesses willing to speak to the police.

Maybe community leaders need to be talking to folks about actually cooperating with the police in catching people that break the laws instead of worried about funding after-school programs that no one is attending...


  1. Odd how, around these parts, with more guns then trees in the mountains and you know what? Almost no crime. Different make of guns? Heh. If I had the power I would require newsmen to go armed, after being trained in safety and such of course. Weird how legally owning a gun settles you right down, makes you avoid danger much more seriously, but gives you the confidence to be honest. It is humbling, to a degree, actually.

  2. As long as "Stop Snitching" is considered a valid thing, police are going to be at a loss.