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It's a major award!

During this past two week period, I have been watching way too much NBA playoff Basketball(it almost makes my wife long for football season).  I've been cheering for the Celtics and Spurs, and against the Lakers and Heat.  I don't like baseball or basketball nearly enough to watch the regular season stuff, but during the sport drought of late spring and summer, I'll take what I can get, which is playoff Basketball, and the College World Series of Fast Pitch Softball. 

Anyway...the demograghic sitting around watching basketball games is right up Domino's alley, so I have seen many, many Domino's pizza commercials(or rather, the same comercial, many, many times).

The premise of their newest commercial is that their 'new and improved' pizza is soooooo popular that they need to hire more cooks...and if you do good enough at their 'build a pizza' game app, then maybe you can get one of those jobs!

Now...in Domino's defence, my wife and I haden't eaten their pizza for many years before giving their 'new and improved' pizza a chance a few months ago...at it WAS 'new and improved'...by far the best of the cheap pizza chain pizzas(but nothing compared to a local, brick oven pizza place). 

But...is the job market really that bad that Domino's thinks they can dangle a job working in one of their hot, sweaty pizza kitchen's as an incentive to folks playing stupid games on their $250+ I-Phones and $400 I-Pads? 

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